forrestnew5Here he is! My first stuffed animal! Truthfully, I’ve never even made a stuffed animal, let alone designed a pattern for one. It was so much more fun than I could have imagined! I’ve knit through this pattern six times, so I’m confident you’ll find it workable. Also, I’ll say it’s a pretty simple pattern, in that any beginner at knitting in the round can probably accomplish this guy! I wanted to link to some helpful tutorials on a couple of techniques I use for Forrest.

First up, the increase:

[invisible-inc--1.jpg] [invisible-inc--2.jpg] [invisible-inc--3.jpg] [invisible-inc--4.jpg]

I love TechKnitting’s awesome illustrations! One of these days, I’m going to figure out how they make these! LOL

The other tutorial I want to leave you with is a simple “pick up and knit” on a cast on/bind off edge. I really like pick up and knit, though I know not everyone uses it as frequently as I do. Maybe this is because I use it for hats quite often… so I feel the need to use it in other applications. Anyway, If you’re not as comfortable with this technique as you’d like to be, this is a pretty good link for you. It really is the same for knitting in the round as it is for knitting flat work.

You can find Forrest the Moose-Deer on as well as the Etsy shop:


Thanks for checking him out!!!