everett's mittJust when I thought spring was here to stay… SNOWFLAKES! Good thing I just finished these fingerless mittens for Everett! I had pulled out my old grey fingerless mitts during our last snowstorm, when Emilia took notice of them… I had to make her a pink set that night! Then Everett saw hers and wanted a green pair for himself. No one is ever happy unless they have what the other one does. *sigh*

I looked at almost every pattern Ravelry had to offer, and I found this adorable pattern for FREE! It’s very basic and can be easily customized (lengthened, cabled, or cinched with a bow). It beat out the other top contenders because it offers specific measurements for little ones ages 12 months to 7 years as well as adult small, medium and large. I made a set of size 2 and size 5-7 and found the measurements to be very accurate. Did I mention it’s free?


Myla Wilson’s Ravelry pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/alevins

You’ll notice that I knit the bottom of my mitts all the way to the kids’ knuckles to keep their hands super cozy (longer than pictured in her pattern). My children like these because they can still play with their iPads in the car or pick their noses whilst wearing them! Also, I think it’s nice that both mitts are exactly the same so they can’t put them on “the wrong hand.”

This pattern uses 4.5 mm needles, which are the smallest I can stand to use, and it calls for worsted weight yarn. (Which every knitter has tons of!) I used Lion Brand Heartland for both the pink and green set and carried them with a thin accent yarn… glitter for Emilia and lime wool for Everett.emilias mitt

Oh! And if you don’t like the way the thumb holes are written (casting off a few stitches and adding in the same amount later), you can always just knit up to the hole, turn your work and knit in back in forth rows (not in the round) for the desired length, then re-join your work! Even a beginner at in-the-round knitting can handle it!

Hope you give these a try! Or you can hit me up for a pair… *wink wink*