For most people, the holidays are over, but for me, I get a short break after New Year’s and I’m right back at the endless planning, presents and chaos… Because I’ve turned February into four consecutive weekends of celebration (groan).

For some reason, when my husband and I were young and in love and not married (and bored), we decided February would be the perfect time of year to get married, since there was nothing else in our lives scheduled that month. Our anniversary is the 28th. Then, when it was time to have children, we planned them for this same time of year because his business was slow enough that he could be home with us more and I wouldn’t have to be super fat during the hot summer. Our kids are exactly 2 years and 10 days apart; February 21st and March 3rd. I know, I know, who actually plans their pregnancies? A control freak, that’s who! I was aiming for later in March on the second baby, but I guess first time’s the charm LOL.

So this means I have V-day one weekend, my son’s birthday the next, our anniversary, and then my daughter’s birthday to wrap things up. That’s lots of presents and lots of birthday party planning and messes. I’ve already started in with the party favors and decorations… and they are taking over my craft room!

Time to refocus. First things first – Valentine’s Day! Some people hate it, but when you have little kids, it’s pretty fun!

Hands down, the best heart-themed hat I’ve ever seen (or knit) is this pattern from Melody’s Makings. The pattern ranges from size newborn to 3 years of age. If you have a little one (or know someone with a baby), making this will ensure oooohhs and aaaahhs follow them everywhere it’s worn. Trust me, throw your $4 at this woman right this instant!


You can purchase either the knit or crocheted version on Ravelry and/or Etsy at these links:



Once upon a time, I knit this hat in public. By the time I was finishing it, a woman with a tiny baby was sitting on the bench next to me. I promptly and foolishly insisted she take it free of charge for that sweet baby girl of hers… without photographing it!!! So, I realized I was going to have to knit another one for this post… geez! I’ve knitted 3 test hats this week, only one of which I liked… WHHHHYYYYY!!! Yeah right, like I’m going to pass up an opportunity to knit some more.

yarnballBecause I can never just follow a pattern like a normal person, I did make one minor change. I wanted to use this really random boutique yarn I had sitting in my yarn pile, but it was a relatively fine boucle and the pattern calls for a bulky weight. Because of this, I carried one strand of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn worsted weight along with the boucle. I did make a test swatch to ensure this was an adequate substitute AND YOU SHOULD TOO! I would love to tell you what kind of yarn I used here, but the tiny label that came with it is long gone. It’s basically an acrylic boucle with a strand of confetti ribbon yarn running through it. Strangely, I purchased this at Tuesday Morning (a discount home goods store by my house). Who knew they had great yarn?! I have found LOTS of cool skeins there; everything from high end wools and alpacas to decorative bamboo and silk. Check it out if you have one near you!

You will notice Melody uses a strand of yarn and a heart button to embellish her hat, but I had this cool scalloped ribbon in my scrap box. It’s nice and stiff so the bow will hold its shape forever. The cool thing about this hat is its versatility. The color, variety of boucle and the embellishments can change everything! Make it your own way and be sure to share those photos!

I will see you later this week with a pattern for a knitted heart garland you can display for the Valentine season! See you then!