Have you ever completely abandoned a project? And not because you weren’t excited about it, but because everyday life just quashed it? Well, let’s just say that’s what happened with this blog LOL.

For the past two years, my son has attended a private Catholic school in our community. I used to work at said school and I became overly involved very quickly. I am now president of their parent organization “ACE” and their licensed (and free) substitute teacher.

Please don’t think I’m unhappy about being involved, I am glad to be so active in my son’s school. Said school relies heavily on volunteers to keep tuition affordable, and very few parents have the luxury of staying home, as I do. As you might imagine, though, it leaves little time for things like writing on the internet for fun.

The blog isn’t the only thing that’s been put on the back burner. Although I’ve still been running the Etsy shop, the number of new projects I’ve listed has dwindled. Good thing Rachel keeps churning out fun products to keep us going!

On the plus side, working with the school has been a great opportunity to use my crafting expertise! So many times, I’ve thought, “I should really share this new school project on the web!” But alas, the day has too few hours.

This year, my second born starts full-day Kindergarten. That means, even though I’ll be swamped with school obligations, I’ll be ALL ALONE for 7 hours a day. For the first time in seven years!!! I figured this is the perfect time to resume the blog. (We’ll see if it sticks 😉)

ACE (that parent organization I mentioned) hosts a fall festival, Christmas party and a dinner auction each year. GREAT crafting opportunities! This past year, for the first time, we built a float for the Parade of Lights… SO FUN TO MAKE! We also like to give the teachers little appreciation gifts each month. Often these cute presents are Pinterest inspired, and super fun to put together.

Even though the group is open to both moms and dads (and grandmothers and grandfathers), we rarely have a male in attendance. Really, truly, the women of this group are the most supportive and fun bunch I could ask for. And we all know how hard it can be to get along with a random group of women… I was quite nervous when all this began.

Well, having said all of that, I can’t wait to start in with some tutorials on random little projects! Where shall we start?!

P.S. I love that “Damn, Daniel!” video.